Special Ingredient


Welcome to Altogether Now: Special Ingredient where you, and your family, can grow together in your faith and relationship with each other, Jesus, and the world around you. This fun, interactive, five-part summer program is anchored in the truth that God’s love is our “special ingredient.”

This unique gift changes everything. We see the world around us in a whole new light—the way God sees it. It makes the impossible… possible!
We see that we can love people who made (and make) mistakes.
We can love people who might seem gross or people who our friends tell us not to love.

With God’s love (our special ingredient) we don’t love simply because we’re “good people” (That gets exhausting). No, we love in response to how we were loved first. We have a “special ingredient” and it is all because God loved us enough to send Jesus. (“We love because he first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19)

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross paid for all of our mistakes, and when he came back to life, it solidified our faith in a living God who does what he says he will do. Then, (as he promised) he sent his Holy Spirit—which was a game changer. Now, we have the power to go and love like him! We also have the Bible as evidence that Jesus did what he said—through the countless stories of how he served and loved the unlovable.

So, let’s gather up our families, loved ones, and friends and experience the stories of how Jesus loved. Let’s pick and choose from the vast menu of options for a fun-filled time learning, playing, crafting, and singing—all reminding us that we can go love others, just like Jesus.

Everything in Altogether Now: Special Ingredient is intentionally created to point to God’s love and to make a memorable experience with your people. A summer treat filled with faith, family, and fun!


Part ONE

Jesus Loves The Woman Caught Sinning, John 8:1-11

Part TWO

Jesus Loves The Woman At The Well, John 4:1-42

part THREE

Jesus Heals The 10 Lepers, Luke 17:11-19

part FOUR

With Jesus’ Spirit John And Peter Heal The Beggar, Acts 3:1-16

part FIVE

Recap/How We Can Love, The Gospels

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